Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cartoons are so much fun!

Leave me alone Mom! My favorite show is on......
Check out that hair...its going WILD!

Tim and I just had the conversation about when and how much TV Addie should be watching last night. She recently started watching cartoons and she LOVES them! She remembers certain theme songs and will dance to the music when it comes on! We watch a lot of Noggin, and for those of you who do not have any small children, this is a preschool channel by Nickelodeon. It is as educational as a cartoon can be, but it is still a cartoon! When we are playing in the playroom, Addie will grab the remote control and point it at the television...she wants those cartoons! Yesterday she really got into dancing to the music standing up. Usually she is sitting down and she sort of sways to the music, but yesterday she stuck that rear end out and bounced up and down to the music of the Wonder Pets!
Oh, by the way...Grandma Julie, this was one of the outfits you got her! Isn't it so cute and fall-like?

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