Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Friday!

Last night Tim and I got Addie a little stroller for her beloved baby dolls. We were hoping that it would inspire her to get up and walk and push those babies around a little. She was very interested in the stroller, but because it is so light, it kept making her fall flat on her face when she would lean into it to walk. She is so stubborn, she would fall, but never, not once, take her little hands off of the handles. Even as she lay on the floor face down screaming, those little hands gripped the stroller the whole time! Notice in the first picture by the look on her face...she does not like it when we try to help either! She seems to be confused about what goes in the stroller too. She kept throwing the baby out and putting her sippy cup in. What a funny girl! As I sit her typing, she is babbling in her crib, refusing to rest those tired eyes. It has been a long week, and Im glad that she and Daddy will get a little alone time tonight. She sure loves her Daddy!

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