Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Story time with Mommy!

Addie has really started to enjoy looking at books and listening to us read to her. She will crawl over to her shelf and pull down a couple of books and bring them over to us, tossing them on our lap as if to say "hey, read me this story please!". My mom is always giving her new books and whenever I see some nice ones at yardsales, I pick them up for her too. Her favorite right now is the Itsy Bitsy Spider book, which I sing while I am reading it to her and she rocks back and forth.
We have been very busy here lately. Yesterday we took pictures at the mall, which turned out pretty good. Lily and Kristy and Brian spent the night because Lily had her pictures takent too, which were adorable! Finally, this morning we had music class and now nap time! Whew...what a crazy week so far! Im having a procedure done tomorrow that has me on a liquid diet for the next day and a half, so.....Im hungry and grumpy and really craving some Taco Bell right about now! Its just a precautionary procedure, nothings wrong, but geeez, who ever came up with the idea of a liquid diet was CRAZY! Wish me luck!

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