Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's suppose to be Addie and Daddy weekend, but Hurricane Hanna is headed this way and my class has already been cancelled for tomorrow. I still have to go tonight, but since the storm is suppose to arrive with strong winds and heavy rain sometime tomorrow, they went ahead and cancelled classes. Since I rarely watch the news anymore, I have no idea how bad this storm is suppose to be, but I have heard that we should expect lots of rain and winds around 45 mph. So...I went ahead and put our porch furniture in the garage and am praying that all will be safe and sound!
Addie and I ran a few errands today and played for quite a long time in the playroom this afternoon. She already has such a strong personality. It is so amazing! I have a feeling she is going to have my stubborn, yet strong-willed character with just the right mix of her Daddy's sweetness and kind heart. She might give me (and others too) a mean scowl every now and then, and she can throw a temper tantrum if she isn't getting her way, but she is also really good at sharing and very gentle with other children and her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She loves to hug and rock them, and she has never once shown any aggressiveness towards anyone other than me! I love watching her change and grow and do new things every day. Tim and I are already so proud of her!


Grampy said...

She looks SO beautiful. . . Hope you didn't get too much of the Hannah havoc. Love to Tim & Addie -- Uncle Ed

Carrie Hewitt said...

That was sweet Uncle Ed! Hanna was easy on us and we are very thankful for that!