Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of school.....

This was a picture of Addie by the time we were ready to leave the zoo the other day! What a nightmare! Either she really loved the zoo and didn't want to leave yet, or she was really, really tired and in desperate need of a nap! Surprisingly enough, she never did nap that afternoon.....we just packed her up and dropped her off at my mom's for the night! Ha! And of course, she was a perfect angel for her mamaw!
Nothing new to write about today, just relaxing and trying not to think about it being the first day back to school for everyone...oh well...I'm right where I want to be!

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Addie's Mamaw said...

I love the picture. I never get to see her make a face like that. She is ALWAYS such an angel when she is playing with her Mamaw.