Monday, July 28, 2008

A year ago today.....(almost)

Addie in the Level II Nursery getting some medicine to make her better....The nurses did her hair for me!
Addie and Mommy and Daddy celebrating her 1st birthday...1 Week our hospital "Apartment"!
Addie sleeping in the car, ready to go to her new home and get away from this hospital finally!
Welcome Home Addie!
Mamaw giving me some time to shower to and rest in between my many feedings! She seemed to be the one person, besides her Daddy, that could get her to calm down like that.....

I should have created this post on Saturday, but because of my class, I was unable to do so. Sat. would have been the day a year ago, that after9 days in the hospital, we were finally able to bring our baby girl home. Just as we were packing up to go home two days after she was born, Addie spiked a high fever and had to be admitted to the Special Care Level II Nursery. After a bazillion tests, they could only tell us that she had some sort of virus and needed to be on IV fluids and medicine for atleast a week! We moved into a small room beside her nursery for the next 7 days. I pretty much spent that week nursing her every three hours, learning from the wonderful nurses how to care for her, and sleeping in between. Eventually Tim had to return to work and he just left each morning from our little hospital "apartment"......It was a long, scary week.....I think my nerves were a mess and by the time we were able to take her home, I was really nervous considering how sick she had been......It was so wonderful to hold her that first time without all those wires and iv's and beeping machines attached.........

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Addie's Mamaw said...

It's hard to believe that it has been a year. She has changed so much. You have changed so much. You are no longer that nervous, new mommy scared to sleep for more than two hours at a time. I would come over and find you looking like a zombie. I don't know how you kept going. Oh, what memories!!!! Just look at what we have in our lives now. I thank God every day!!!!!