Sunday, July 13, 2008

Addie finally tries to stand up......even if it is leaning....It still counts!

I know these are a little fuzzy.....she was wobbling all over the place!

Can you believe it? She is actually up on those little legs of hers... She can't stand up by herself of course, but more and more she is trying to pull up on things. Just this morning I found her trying to climb up onto this little shelf that is on the bottom of our kitchen island. There she was....just standing on her feet! She gets so proud of herself after I see her, and she will smile really big and clap!
Yesterday I finished my third class in my graduate program! 7 more to go and I am done! It seems like the classes are getting harder and harder and starting to take up more and more time. I will be so happy when I am finished!
Tim's forced Saturday work-day wasn't so bad after all and he was home early enough to get some things done around the house. He volunteered to work today so that he can get enough overtime before next Saturday. We don't want him to have to work during someone's big birthday bash!
I better get off this computer and get some breakfast before Addie wakes up......thats another thing....her naps are getting shorter and shorter too!

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Addie's Mamaw said...

Yeah Addie!!! You will be up and going all over the place before long.