Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Aniversary Mommy and Daddy.....

Tim, Addie, and I went to lunch yesterday at a new restaurant about 20 min. from our house. Tim had worked on thier phone lines there once and thought the menu looked tasty! He was so right! We loved it and Addie was so good the whole time!

We decided to treat her to a new toy afterwards and went to the TOYS R US store after we got finished with lunch. She got two little bottles for her baby dolls, one filled with milk and one filled with OJ. I spent some time yesterday teaching her how to feed her baby doll, and she is finally getting it. She get's bored, however, and eventually starts beating the doll in the face with the bottle! Yikes.....guess I won't ever let her try to feed a baby brother or sister in the future! Here she tries to feed Mommy while sucking down her own bottle.......and yes, I am still holding the stupid thing for her......she refuses to do it herself!
I thought this picture was too cute not to share......She just got out of the bath and is all fresh and clean and in her Daddy's arms.....her favorite place to be!
Today we are going to try and get out to a park for lunch and then make a trip to the bakery to order her birthday cake! Still hanging on to those nasty ear infections, but she is being such a trooper through it all......we'll see....7 more days of medicine!

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ErinRagan said...

Great pics, Carrie! I especially love the last one, of Tim and Addie... how cute is that??

She IS a stubborn girl, isn't she? She'll be giving up the bottle soon, but she still won't hold it? lolol

(although, I kinda miss holding bottles for my babies, so I'll say enjoy it while you can!)