Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July at the Hewitts........

1/2 Whopper from Burger King
1/2 a Chicken Sandwich from Burger King (its 1 min from house & everything else was closed)
1 egg roll a piece
a bowl of fried rice
Some steamed shrimp from Harris Teeter
Cookie Dough Icecream
Addie ate chicken nuggets and cheese of course!
Wow, brace yourself folks! Our 4th of July was crazy around here. We did spend some time at a friend's Hotdog party earlier in the day to celebrate the National Hotdog Eating Contest that was on tv, so that was exciting! Then we headed home and got into our pajamas, where we stayed the rest of the night. Tim picked up some of our favorites to eat and a few movies......we set up a bed in the floor, where Tim and Addie played while I did some scrapbooking!

She sure loves romping around with Daddy! She is getting better and better at climbing over things that are in her way too!
Here she takes a break with some nice cold water after battling it out with some ribbon I was using for her scrapbook. She was into everything! All of her toys everywhere and all she wanted was to see what I was messing with!

Here is proof that she is actually getting closer to walking! She loves to climb these steps and the ones at my Mom's house! She will climb up them, and then sit there and clap for herself at the top!
No big firework show or barbecue, but we didn't mind too was a nice movie night and there is nowhere else I would have rather been.......

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Granny aka Memaw said...

Loved the pictures of Addie (AND Tim). . . couldn't tell who was having more fun! Love U