Friday, November 7, 2008

Time to eat!

Meal time at our house is far from boring. Addie refuses to get any help with feeding herself these days. She will pinch those lips together and fling those hands around until you give her the spoon and let her do it herself. So.....this is what she ends up looking like after every meal.
We try and save the really messy beans and yogurt....for dinner so that she doesn't look like a disaster all day. Look at that she trouble or what?

This weekend is "Daddy and Addie" weekend as I have class again tonight and all day tomorrow. I am dreading every minute of it. It is rather frightening to me how I hate this particular class so much entitled "Curriculum Development" when I am working on receiving my Master's in "Curriculum and Instruction". Doesn't that seem wrong? Anyways, I am sure Tim is looking forward to his time with her...she is getting sweeter and sweeter every day. Not only does she pucker up those lips for a "kiss kiss" every five minutes of the she has figured out how to give hugs. Out of the blue, she will wrap those little arms around a leg and squeeze! I just love it!

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