Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Snack Time!

Each day around 10:00 I ask Addie if she would like a snack. She gets very excited when she hears this question and proceeds to walk over to the little island in the kitchen and wait for her treat. She sits there and eats her snack quietly just like a big girl. Can you believe how fast all of this is going? I feel like the days with my "baby" are just zooming by, and I have no control over it. I can't get them to slow down.
Today, Addie and I spent the day with my Mom. She is absolutely in love with Gymboree and loves to get Addie adorable clothes from there. I love their clothes but feel horribly guilty about spending so much on clothes she only wears once or twice, but my Mom loves to do it! Plus, she knows I love to dress her up, so she does it for the both of us. Addie is a well dressed little girl...that is for sure. We also ventured to ToysRUs to get some Christmas presents for her. I could spend hours in that store, and so can Addie. She loves walking around touching all of the different toys and listening to all of the fun noises that happen in that place! We are very excited for Christmas this year! Santa is going to be very good to Addie!

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