Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Addie's Mamaw!

Today is my mom's birthday. Addie will more than likely call her "Mamaw" since that is what she calls herself. I called my grandmother, her mother, "Mamaw" too, so.....that makes it rather special. Addie loves my Mom, and for those of you that know my mom, she LOVES Addie. They are pretty cute together I must say. We had planned on spending the day with Mamaw since she too is out of school for Veteran's day, but she is home with a very bad chest cold and doesn't want either of us to come around her! So, maybe Addie and I will call her and try and sing over the phone.....we are both dissappointed that Mamaw will have to spend her birthday in bed. We hope you feel better really soon. Happy Birthday Mom! We love you....

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