Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a snuggly little guy!

Grandma Julie and Grandma Rick enjoyed a little snuggle time too when they were up visiting for Halloween.

Unlike his big sister, Hayes is the perfect little snuggle bug! He would sleep in your arms all day if you let him. Fortunately for us, he is also just as content to sleep in a swing, in his bouncy seat, and even in his crib. He gives us 2 4-5 hour stretches of sleep each night now. It's like he knows that it is time to really sleep hard at night-time. I already just love him to pieces, and I have only known the little guy for less than 9 weeks. Isn't that amazing?

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The Bryant Family said...

AWW, I love it when then want to cuddle and snuggle all of the time...i miss that with my little man! Relish every minute of it :)And what a great little sleeper, keep up the good work!