Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miss Addie...

loves to play with a pen and a pad of paper (notice Dora is on in the background - she loves some Dora these days too!)

Addie is off to see the allergist today to have more skin tests done. They will be testing for strawberries, sesame seeds, peas, and green beans. This will hopefully give us a better idea about what triggered her recent allergic episode back in August. I have been avoiding all of those foods just in case since it happened. They will also do a skin test for the flu vaccine, and if it does not show a serious reaction, then she will get the seasonal flu vaccine today too. Please say a little prayer for her, as days like today are very scary to a two-year old. I am feeling so blessed that she is happy and healthy and these pesky allergies are our only concern. Each time I head to Children's Hospital where many children are battling long-term, serious illnessess, I am reminded of how blessed we are to have our health. We will let you know what we find out from her tests as soon as we get a chance!
UPDATE: The allergist appointment went fairly well this morning. Addie was such a big girl while they tested her skin for the reactions. She did not show any reaction to the foods tested other than the egg, which we were already aware of from the last test. This is good news, except now we have no idea what triggered the latest allergic reaction that sent us the the ER. However, it does give us peace of mind to know that she doesn't have to watch out for those foods anymore. The allergist also tested her skin to see if she could tolerate the flu vaccine and we were actually able to give her that today as well. I am glad she will be somewhat protected during this supposedly tough flu season. Whew! We are glad that appointment is over and thankful that overall, it went well. Thanks for your prayers!


The Bryant Family said...

praying that all goes great and little Miss Addie handles her big day like a little trooper ;)

Jarah said...

I'm so happy to hear the appointment went well! Please tell her hi for us!!