Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Family Fun...

Last weekend before the big storm, we ventured over to a local river park to enjoy some outside fun with friends. Addie ended up warming up to the idea of playing in the leaves. She just loves to play and to be played with. Tonight when my mom came over to see us, Addie interrupted a conversation we were having with "Mamaw...pway...let's pway!". How could she resist? These days she really soaks up one-on-one time with anyone who will give it to her. Hayes has taken some of her attention away...but she is adjusting well!

Of course, Hayes came along too. He hung out in my sling for the most part, and then he enjoyed a nice bottle in the shade on a picnic table. What a nice time we had with good friends!

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Jaime said...

Oh my gosh, Ainsley says the same thing "Mommy, yets pway sumtin." And I'll say what do you want to play and she says "hmmmm, pway with toys."

Give those munchikins kisses from us.