Friday, December 12, 2008

Rainy day AGAIN???

The rain is never going to stop! It has been so wet here the last few days and I am missing my little furry animals more than ever. Each time I come in that front door I brace myself for Sally's enthusiastic welcome, or stop to listen for the "thump" on the floor upstairs as she jumps off the bed to race downstairs and greet me. Her corner in the kitchen that used to hold her bowls is empty and seems to scream at me each time I pass by. Little by little the white hairs are dissappearing, but every so often I put on a sweater or coat to see a subtle reminder that I used to have a "man's best friend"! Most of all, I miss cuddling with that "basket-case" of a dog each evening after I drag myself to bed after a long day with Addie....this was her time with me and she soaked it up! Bailey the cat liked to spend more time by himself, but he too is missed around here. I walk by the small "doggie" door that is now permanently closed off a million times a day and wonder to myself if he thinks I don't love him anymore, or does he know that I was forced to make the decision to find him a new home. Do animals reason like that? Either way, I am deeply saddened and feel like I have lost 2 little members of our family. I am struggling to remain positive about the situation and thankful that both of them are in good, loving homes, but I still miss them both terribly! I am constantly reminding myself how very blessed Tim and I are this holiday season......Have you all met my little Addie yet? Will someone please make this rain stop....what I need right now is a little sunshine!

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hbryant00 said...

Oh Carrie,
I can only imagine how you feel and I am so sorry that you guys have to go through this. You are right, the gloomy weather is not helping! I am pretty down and out myself these days missing mom. Christmas is NOT the same and I don;t think that it ever will be...I believe that they do know that you loved/love them and you did the best thing that you could do for both Addie, Bailey, and Sally. Hopefully they are adjusting and getting spoiled- not quite the way their mommy might do it but at least they have warm, loving homes!!! Sending hugs your way on such an icky day! Love you and can't wait to see you next month!!!