Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bed Head

This is what the little munchkin looks like when I wake her up from her nap! Her hair is everywhere! I just love that little head of dark crazy hair. Addie has been having a time getting ready for the holidays. She loves the noisy decorations at her PopPop's and GaGa's house and shopping with her Mamaw and Grandpa Dave is always fun because they like to buy her things for their house! She loves the tree and points to it all the time saying "ball" because of all the round ornaments we have. I put a Santa light in our window in the kitchen so that it looks like he is looking in at us, and everytime we come down the steps and she sees it she smiles and says "Hi"....waving that little hand of hers! Tim wants to spoil the child rotten for Christmas, and I have to reign him in. I want there to be something left to get her for next year please! Besides, aren't we working on a budget here? He would do anything for that little gotta love that! I hope everyone is feeling festive and ready for time with friends and family over the holidays. I have more pictures to post soon from our visit with Kristy and Lily and the final Christmas tree pictures too! Take care....

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