Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas...still....

Do you think Addie wants me to come and get her or what? And poor Lily, she just looks frightened!
Unfortunately, I am still having a hard time shopping this year for Christmas. All I have the motivation to do is buy for Addie....what is wrong with me? The child does not need much at all and really won't know the difference anyways, but I still just want to spoil her rotten. Don't worry, Tim and I are sticking to our guns and have not made any purchases since the "big one" last month (her play kitchen), but when I do go out to shop, I always end up in the baby section or the toy aisle! What I should be doing in those aisles is picking out something for a child that really could use those things....a new toy or a new outfit to wear for a little girl who doesn't have many new things to play with or new outfits to choose from. Perhaps that will be a goal for Addie and I this week as we venture out to finish up Christmas shopping!
Last week I posted about the new tree that Tim and I purchased and planned on using for years to come since the darn thing was outrageously expensive....remember? Well, this morning I spent a good chunk of time, taking all of my ornaments off that stupid tree and we hauled it back to the store for a refund! The lights were slowly burning out and it just kept getting dimmer and dimmer. So Tim and Addie and I made our way up to Garden Ridge where we ended up lugging another tree back home to redecorate and take our chances on! Geeez......I've had enough tree decorating to last me a while..wish us luck!

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Emily said...

I can't help but laugh at this picture. I have one of Madeline (my oldest daughter)with the same expression and my mother has one of me at that age also terrified! lol
Ahh, Christmas memories! :)