Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at my Mom and Dave's house!

Sunday we celebrated Christmas with Addie's Mamaw and Grandpa Dave! Addie spent the night there Saturday and after Tim and I got back from church, I headed over to help them get ready for our night. I spent the whole day there just playing with Addie and putting together some snacky foods! It was such a nice day. Tim came over after he helped "Santa" put Addie's kitchen set together....We all sat down to this beautiful table and enjoyed some of our favorite foods! Addie absolutely loved this new stroller from her Mamaw and Grandpa Dave. She must have pushed that thing around for over an hour.

Before we exchanged gifts, Tim, Mom, Dave and I all took Addie to our church to see a live nativity presentation they had planned for the church families to enjoy. Addie liked the adventure out, but was not too thrilled to be so close to the sheep and other animals they had there!

Mom and Dave got Addie the Rose Petal Cottage for their house. She loved it! It will definitely be something she will grow into, especially as pretend play becomes so fun for her!
Busy...busy....busy in her little cottage!

It was a really great night with lots of good food and some wonderful company! Addie is so loved by her Mamaw and Grandpa Dave and that makes me so happy!
I also have some great pictures from Christmas morning when Addie first saw what Santa brought her for being such a sweet girl! I will post more in the next day or so. I really hope everyone had a great holiday and soaked in some precious time with their families and friends. I have so enjoyed my time with my loved ones and wish I lived closer to those I could not spend time with over the holiday....Is it too much to ask that they all move to my neighborhood so that we could spend Christmas together?


ErinRagan said...

That is so funny! Avery got the Rose Petal Cottage for Christmas, too! She loves it, so Addie will definitely enjoy hers for years to come! :)

Grampy said...

Merry Xmas to all the Hewitts (esp. the "happy homeowner!" ...Uncle Ed