Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning at our house...

This Christmas morning was one of my favorites! It was so much fun watching Addie discover her presents from Santa! Check out this sleepy face...She had just come down the steps with her blankie in tow....and realized that something was different... This is her look of confusion.....Why are there people here this morning...and whose toys are those in my living room?

Her new car was one of her favorite gifts. She spent most of the morning in that car and she even learned to say the word "car" too! She thinks she is big time!

"Look Momma.....theres another new toy!"......Her new train table was a hit too, but the track didnt stay in place for much longer...

And of course she enjoyed the kitchen too! What a morning we had! Tim and I had a big ole country breakfast. We listened to Christmas music and watched Addie play hard for hours on end!

It was definitely a day to remember! What fun we are going to have with her for many years to come! I am a bit sad that it is all over. Tim headed off to work this morning and I already miss having him around. Addie is not going to like it one bit when she wakes up!

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Teechaman2fish said...

Aww! Someone's gonna be a good little housewife someday!! :-D