Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is that you Santa?

Who is that coming around the corner?
Brian was able to snap this photo of the girls watching "Santa" come into the room...right before the madness... And so it begins...Addie immediately lost it and little Lily just stood as still as ever, trying to figure out why Addie was crying and who this big red man was...

"Please don't come any closer....who are you?"...

And there you have favorite picture of them all....Addie and Lily just couldn't figure it out and they weren't liking it one bit. They were both a mess when we tried sitting them on his lap! I'll post those pictures when we get closer to Christmas!

Well, perhaps Addie will enjoy Santa a little more next year. Just like Kristy said the other night "atleast we didnt wait 2 hours in line at the mall...". We were able to snap a picture of the three of us that I can use for our cards this year, although I was hardly expecting to be photographed. It was the only picture we got where Addie wasn't bucking and screaming with her hands in front of her face! Goodness Gracious....what a drama queen!

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