Monday, December 8, 2008

Kristy and Lily Visit

Now, tell me you don't think this picture is adorable! All we do is ask them to "kiss kiss", and they simply oblige! How cute! I love watching our girls play together... This visit was the first time I saw Addie not want to share something that belonged to her. When Lily came over and tried to sit in Addie's chair, she became very frustrated and practically pulled her off. This picture was snapped when Kristy and I were trying to show them that they both could sit in the chair. As you can tell, Addie was not quite convinced. She loves this chair from her Mamaw and Grandpa Dave!

Kristy and the girls....What a fun day, as always!

Kristy, Brian, and Lily are coming again tonight to have a little Christmas fun with our own personal "Santa Claus". Hopefully, you will get a peak of this adventure on our Christmas Card. I have feeling Addie is not going to like sitting on "Santa's" lap as much this year! Wish us luck!

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