Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visit with Ga Ga...

Addie visited a little with her Ga Ga (Tim's mom) this past weekend while I was in class. Tim said that she sat in that recliner watching cartoons with her for atleast 20 minutes, which is AMAZING to me, since she NEVER sits still when I am with her. Addie loves it when she has visitors!
I know this picture is very small. My Dad sent this to me so it is my only copy. I wanted to let everyone know how my Sally is doing in her new home. This is her laying on a couch they have in their screened porch area. She is sleeping on her "blankie" that she slept on from the moment I got her and she is wearing what looks to me like a horse blanket, but for dogs! That cracks me up, especially since she is in FLORIDA! Guess Dad and Julie want to make sure she stays warm out there! I'm so happy she has a good home! I wouldn't have felt good about her being anywhere else.

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