Monday, January 5, 2009

Anna comes to see us!

One of my college roomates, Anna, called this week and said she wanted to come down to see us for a night! I was so excited to see her! It was a nice feeling knowing she was driving down just to see us and to hang out with us for the evening....nothing else or noone else, just us! I have known Anna for about 8 years now. We were both Biology majors together and we also lived together my senior year at Longwood on our sorority hall. We have had some fun times together that is for sure!

Addie loves Anna. Even when she was months old she seems to really take to her. I think it is because Anna gives her undivided attention and has so much patience with her. Addie thinks she is her new toy for the weekend. They played and played and ate a million cheerios together- minus the ones that fell on the floor!
I have more pictures to share from the weekend, including some of Baby Grayson and Shanna, another college roomate, who unexpectedly happened to spend the night too - her little sister had a baby boy at a hospital close by, so she was able to visit with us later that evening too!
It was really so nice to see some of my friends for the night. That is one thing I am missing so much of here lately......and they mean so much to me!

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