Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Grayson and Addie

Oh how she loves to hug!! Do you want another one Grayson?

Did I just do that?

Grayson is the handsome little boy of another college roomate of mine, Shanna. I have posted about them before as they come and visit quite often when they make it over the bay from the Eastern Shore. He is the most adorable little boy, and he is so laid back and easy-going. Every time I hang out with them, I have to just laugh at the different personalities of Addie and Grayson and how it mirrors their mommies! Oh can't say she doesnt have some spunk!

It was so nice having some friends around for the evening. When everyone left and Monday rolled around and Tim was off to work, the house was much too quiet. I wish I lived closer to some of my good friends. I am often jealous of the "Richmond" crew and how close they live to each other, but still they see each other so little?


livingsj77 said...

Don't be jealous Carrie. I never see anyone and Stacy and Whitney live literally 2 miles from me. I could probably walk to their houses. Just gets tough when you are working and taking care of the little ones. Miss you lots. I want to come see you soon. I wish I could make the 17th.

hbryant00 said...

So cute Carrie! I cannot wait to see these little ones in person. Well guess I have to wait one more month, but NO longer!!! :) Addie is growing up so fast and is adorable, you are so lucky to be there for all of those fun moments! I am jealous of that ;) A girl can dream, right? I second Jaime's comment- so much to do and want to do but not enough hours in the days!