Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A cold rainy day...

This picture was taken about a year ago. It is truly amazing to me how much she has grown and changed since then. I just sit back and watch her these days, and I am amazed that she really is this little person, walking and talking (sort of) all over the place. Wow!
Today we made it to the library for storytime and then came back home to play in the play room with another little boy and his mommy. I have been trying to get all of my pictures in order and in photo albums and prepared to scrapbook her first birthday and Christmas. I hate it when I get behind on those things. Thats why I have decided not to scrapbook every picture I take. That would take me forever, and I would always be upset because I would always be behind. So, just a month-month book of her first year, Christmases, and birthdays.....and when I am feeling really motivated, family vacations! I really do enjoy pulling the finished projects out and looking through them. I'm a sap like that!
Tomorrow afternoon we are headed to Williamsburg to spend the night with Kristy, Brian, and Lily. It has been quite a while since we got the girls together and I am missing them terribly! It should be nice to catch up and have some fun!

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