Monday, October 6, 2008

A very long weekend.....

"Daddy and Addie" weekend ended up being rather crazy around here. Tim's "Pop" passed away on Sunday morning, so we have some hard days ahead of us, but everyone is thankful that he is at peace and has joined his wife in heaven. Tim is home for a few days to be with the family through the funeral and all. Please keep the Hewitt Family in your prayers as they make it through this difficult time.
I just wanted to let everyone know where we have been and how Addie is feeling. She still has a bad cough and will be going back to the Dr. on Wed. if it has not cleared up by then. The appt. on Friday was good wheezing and her lungs sounded good. THe Dr. just wants to make sure it doesnt turn into pnemonia or that it isnt a sinus infection. We have an appt. on Dec. 23 to see a really good allergist, but will know by then from her blood work what to look out for. Ill get on here again in a day or so...take care everyone!

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