Sunday, October 19, 2008

Addie and Lily....

On Wednesday of last week, Kristy and Lily came down for the day to hang out with Addie and I for my big "30th" birthday! We enjoyed it so much. Does anyone have a friend that when you get together you laugh so much that you end up squatting on the floor lauging one of those uncontrollable laughs as strangers walk by and stare at you in confusion? Kristy makes me do this. Actually we both do this. We were taking the girls for a walk around the Homearama neighborhood in Chesapeake (so that we could stare at all of these million dollar homes in awe) and we got to laughing so hard, we were practically sitting on the street behind the strollers. I know people thought we were crazy. I haven't laughed that hard since the last time she was in town!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day of Kristy and both girls....

Addie and Lily have both changed so much in the last year. I wonder if they recognize each other at all and if they will truly get a long and enjoy each other's company as much as their mothers do. We sure love getting together and spending time with them. It was a great day!
Tim leaves tomorrow for a training class about 2 hours away. What will I do without his help? It might make me thank him a little more for all he does. I know he does so much for us, but perhaps I should tell him more often how much I appreciate all he does. Its going to be a long week!

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