Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My first "baby"...Bailey...

I am so heart broken over this crazy cat...perhaps because it just may be my very last few hours with him and I will miss having him in my life.

This afternoon I will take Bailey to Norfolk to meet a couple that is interested in giving him a new home. I spent yesterday at the vet's office getting his shots updated and getting copies of his records. If the couple seems genuinely interested in him and seem like nice people, I will probably end up leaving him there. I have prayed over and over that they are good people with big hearts and lots of love to give. That is all that I want....I am truly not hurting because I will not have a cat anymore. I am way to busy with Addie and her needs to be worried about that. I just want him to feel loved and to be taken good care of. Because even if I don't pet him as much as I used to or hold him as often, I do take very good care of my animals. So, hopefully, this couple will fall in love with my little ball of fur just like I did seven years ago, and they will be blessed by letting him come into their life.


ErinRagan said...

aww, Carrie! I have a picture of you and Bailey right after you had gotten him!

We were at Aunt Linda's and I was newly pregnant with Damon!!

I hope you find a great home for him! (((hugs))) to you!

Carrie Hewitt said...

Thanks you..C