Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 2 of Mommy and Addie Week

Yesterday I took little Addie girl to the zoo to ride the new train. It was a nice couple of hours together and she seems to enjoy looking at all of the animals. We were suppose to meet up with a friend of mine, but didnt run into them until the end. Im glad we took advantage of the nice weather. I think its starting to cool down now... Here is a cute one of Addie and the prairie dogs....she just stood there and squealed with delight!

Today we have Addie's 15 month appointment with our doctor, and then on Friday we go to the allergist, FINALLY! I am very anxious to get to that particular appointment to try and figure out what I should be feeding the poor little girl. She is barely drinking any liquids at all these days and that worries me sick. I follow her around the house all day with her sippy cup trying to get her to take sips in between play time. Its pretty ridiculous! Other than that she seems to be feeling pretty good. I told Tim last night that this whold diet change that we have made seems to being no good whatsoever. Her skin is still covered in eczema and she still wheezes on a regular basis. Please let this doctor tell me more to do.
We are missing Tim a lot, especially at night when we all usually play together. I know he is ready to come home too!

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