Friday, October 24, 2008

Day4 of Mommy and Addie Week

I had to share the first picture of the muffins with everyone. These were hand delivered to me by a dear friend who I used to teach with at the high school. She made these beautiful chocolate chip muffins fresh for me the morning of my 30th birthday and dragged her adorable children out to deliver them hot and steaming! They were absolutely delicious! Thank you for being an amazing friend Stephanie!
The second picture is of Addie girl strolling around the court that same afternoon. She just loves to show off her walking skills.
Yesterday, Addie and I spent the morning at a play group with some dear friends of mine. There is a new baby girl in the group, named Savannah, and she is the tiniest most precious little thing....6 lbs....I can't even imagine! My hoss was almost 3 lbs heavier than that when she came into the world. We had dinner at my mom's last night and my mom gave Addie a bath for me while I got some groceries. When I came back to their house, Mom was getting Addie dressed and pointed to the tub.....guess what? Another first....Addie pooped in the bath tub!!! Mom said she just sort of leaned up a little and made this face and out it came! Glad I wasn't on bath duty!
Wish us luck...we are headed to the allergist at 1:15 today!!!!

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