Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Yard Sales were a huge success once again folks! Mrs. Hewitt picked up mom and I around 7:30, and by 7:45, we had to run back by the house to drop off our treasures and make room for more. I am totally addicted to the toys. Yes, I know that I am buying things she cannot play with yet, but I just can't pass up a good deal. I posted some pictures of some of my favorites!

This would be the make-up table we found for 10$

This is Addie's playroom, and you can see the chalkboard and table I found at last weeks treasure hunt.

Another shot of some of the treasures we found in the last two weeks!

The picture above is the Little People Nativity set that can only be purchased on-line for $30. We found it on Saturday and it was $3!!!

This is the sand table I found last week. Grandma Julie sent Addie some fun sand tools to use in it!

Addie and her new friend, Sydney!

As much as I love traveling to visit friends and family because it spices up my rather mudane life these days, it sure does squeeze the life out of me too! Addie and I took a small road trip to Richmond yesterday afternoon after the exciting day of "shopping"! I have a group of girlfriends there who try and get together atleast once a a week. It was the first time I was able to attend one of these little parties where there were babies and kids running around everywhere. It was kind of strange to sit back and think that these were the same girls I used to "hang" with on the sorority hall and here we were with babies and husbands (except me, my poor husband had to work today, so he stayed behind... :( Just an interesting thing to see.....made me a little sad at how fast time seems to fly! Anyways, we both had a great time visiting. Addie seemed to love my friend Warren's little girl, Sydney. They were constantly giving each other hugs and little kisses! How adorable! We did just great until.......night time. Addie woke up at midnight and did not like that fact that I had stuck her pack-n-play in my friend's office across from the guest room I was sleeping in. She must have gotten a little nervous about her surroundings because she went beserk! I ended up wrestling with the pack-n-play and shoving it across the hall beside me, only to have her refuse to be put in it again for the remainder of the night. Even after a nice, warm bottle, she ended up in bed with me, where she breathed really, really loud, and tossed, and turned and moaned.....and pretty much left me there to stare at her for the next several hours. I was exhausted this morning. Thanks to Mamaw! I made a pit stop at her house on the way home and let Addie and her play while I took a refreshing little nap! I know I say this every time I leave town and come home tired and cranky........"I will not be going away for a very long time!"

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Mom said...

Carrie, Marcia L-Ainsley's G-maw.
Addie is such a cutie! I love the swimsuit photo! I have resisted buying for Ainsley until I run it by her Mom. I can't wait to take her to the beach! I'll keep reading. Bye & Good Luck!