Thursday, April 24, 2008

Picture Day was a success!

Each time I take Addie to get her pictures done it is an adventure for sure. She hates getting dressed anyways, but hated taking on and off the swimsuit even more, but when the diaper is full, the diaper is full........Needlesstosay, we had a minor meltdown in the Sears bathroom, where she screamed and cried with real tears the entire time I battled with the bathing suit! I was one big ball of stress when I walked out of there towards the studio to have her pictures done. As soon as she spotted Sarah, the woman who takes her pictures, the tears dried up and she put on that goofy grin. Of course, Sarah can get her to smile and laugh......she wants to take good pictures and make me spend more money! Addie loves Sarah...and surprisingly did really well for her photo shoot! I always worry for nothing. With coupons in tow, I managed to walk out of there without breaking the bank and upsetting poor Tim! I'll start saving for her 1 year pictures now, though! I hope you all enjoy the pictures. We will let you know how her doc appointment goes tomorrow morning. I know I am biased because she is mine, but I am absolutely in love with that smile of hers! Can you blame me?

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ErinRagan said...

She is TOO cute, Carrie! No, I don't blame you one bit for loving that smile!

I'm laughing on the inside b/c when Damon was a baby we went and had his pics taken every few months, for every "occasion," you name it.

Avery? Yeah, she's been to the studio ONCE... on her first birthday. Poor second child!!!