Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day #2.......Looking good!

Well, so far it looks like this blogging thing might actually be a success! However, I really haven't got a lot to tell you since we have had a pretty quiet day around here (except for right at this very moment because sweet little Addie girl does not want to take a nap!)
Addie did not sleep very well last night. We like to think it was her sore gums from teething and not the fact that she is actually becoming spoiled and knew that eventually her sweet Daddy would come to her rescue and let her sleep on his chest for the remainder of the night. I woke up at 3:00 am to find Sally, the dog, to my immediate left, and then Tim on the other side of her with Addie sawing logs on top of him. We had a full bed! She did eventually end up back in her crib and slept until about 7:00!
After breakfast, Addie and I headed to our weekly play group with a friend of mine, Triva, and her two little boys. After a nap for Addie and a shower for Mommy, we met up with another friend of mine and went walking outside around the Homearama Neighborhood near here. Man...those houses are huge...One of them was for sale and when I checked out the flyer, they were asking $1,100,000 !!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? Anyways, we were just thankful to get outside with some sunshine. We have been stuck in the house all week because of the cold weather! We are all so anxious for the summer to get here.
No new teeth, and no, Dad, she hasn't started crawling yet! I'll let you know when it happens though!

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ErinRagan said...

I hope Addie girl sleeps well for you guys tonight!

I can totally relate to the "full bed" syndrome. We thought we would actually get to enjoy extra space when we upgraded to a King-size bed... but it seems the kids and dogs just think they're allowed to join us now, lol.

But, you and I both know we wouldn't have it any other way, right! ;)

It was great chatting with you today! Keep walking (and smiling!).