Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome to my playroom boys!

Last week a friend of mine from my first year teaching and her little family stopped by our house for lunch on their way to the outer banks. They have two little boys really close to Addie in age, and it's always nice to get the kids together for some play time. Addie has always been a pretty good sharer. I think that is because she has so many toys (yard sale treasures) that she doesn't care if someone takes one because she'll just find something else as soon as she turns around. The little ones enjoyed discovering new toys in our little playroom, and the boys really liked all of the fun paintings on the walls of Dora and Boots and Elmo.

Addie just loves to give out hugs and kisses. I'm not too sure how we will handle this in about 15 years or so! Atleast she has good taste, these little boys are cutie pies!

Addie had her first round in "time-out" yesterday for trying to kick me and hit me during a diaper change. I've read that you should place them in a neutral location for about as long as they are in years....so...approximately 2 minutes for Addie. I sat her in her rocking chair and told her she was in time-out and could not get down because she was being mean. I pretty much had to hold her down as she screamed "hold you Mama" the whole time. I do, however, think she understood the process because when I took her downstairs, she told her Daddy that she was mean and in "time-out" upstairs. Later, she was talking to her baby doll, and we over heard her tell the baby to "stop be mean" while placing her on the couch and murmuring "time-out baby...time-out mean baby". I guess she gets it!

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