Monday, July 20, 2009

And the first birthday present is...

A little haircut for Addie girl! Can you tell that she was a little nervous at first?

Thanks to some fruit snacks, a yummy organic sucker, and a pair of broken princess slippers she found in the front of the salon, we were able to make it through without a major meltdown!
Addie kept asking me if it was going to "hut"....meaning, will it hurt? She was pretty brave, and I must say, for my sassy, stubborn little girl, she did well considering noone has ever touched that head of hair of hers except for me really.

My hairdresser, Jamie, was really good with Addie. She had a lot of patience!

I am well aware of the fact that you can barely tell she had anything cut at all. However, because I am her mother, and I struggle every morning with that head of hair to get it up and out of her eyes in order to avoid comments and such about how sad it is that she cannot see through it all...I can tell very much that it has been trimmed up. It is more even than before and the dead, frazzled ends have been removed. Even Jamie agrees that Addie has one too many issues going on in the front of her hair to cut in bangs. They would stick up all over the place! She also was amazed at the AMOUNT of hair on the little munchkin's head! Overall, it was a success! I have a small little curl stuck down inside a ziploc to prove it! Happy Birthday Addie!

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Emily said...

I still can't bring myself to even trimming Claire's hair (I am afraid her curls will go!). She definitely could use one-I have some crazy hair pics on FB. Looks like Addie did really good and she looks absolutely adorable!