Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July fun!

Please notice my red, white, and blue hair bows! I had an adorable little flag outfit on, but once I saw the other kids playing in the swimming pool, I convinced mommy and daddy to let me take a dip too! I was a happy girl all day long!

Tim worked hard all weekend to earn a little extra money, so Addie and I spent the majority of the weekend at my mom's house. My Papaw is down visiting and Addie likes to show off for him and his fluffy little dog, Precious. We swam a little and just enjoyed each other's company. Mamaw (my mom) is teaching Addie the letters in her name, and they spent a lot of time on the floor practicing with flash cards and plastic letters. Once Daddy got off of work, we all ate a delicious dinner and then stopped on our way home to visit some of Tim's family who were also gathering for a cookout. Unfortunately, we never did get to see any fireworks, but I do seem to recall hearing some from the coziness of my nice warm bed around 9:30 last night! Although it wasn't as grand an event as we have had in the past, our 4th of July was special enough for me since we got to spend some good times with some pretty important people!

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