Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camera, where can you be?

I ran off and left my camera in Richmond this past weekend after spending the night with some great friends, so...unfortunately, I cannot finish my birthday story without the pictures that are on it. I will have to postpone the "party" update until I get my camera back in a few weeks. I figure that will give me a chance to share some of the other pictures I have downloaded already....

This little angelic person is Jenna Blair, the newest addition to my friend, Kristy's, little family. I got to snuggle with her for a while when I visited a couple of weeks back. She is so precious and the girls (Kristy, Jenna, and Lily) seem to be adjusting well to this new little person who now takes up most of their time each day! It was great practice for our little guy who will be arriving in less than 2 months now!
Addie, Jenna, and Lily......all in one place.....still....for just a moment!

Pool time on their back deck.....Addie loves to drink dirty water!!! What will I do with her?

Can you believe how much they have grown and changed?

Addie and I have been trying to keep cool this week since the temps have been well into the upper nineties! We visited the YMCA with a friend on Monday and then have been hanging out in the AC since then. I am just plain miserable outside these days. I even start the car and cool it off way in advance when we plan on driving somewhere. Poor me! I should have factored in VA heat when I decided to "plan" another pregnancy in which I carry around my most weight right smack in the middle of the summer! Other than the heat, we are doing great! No more allergic reactions and the rental car is running great! I'm very thankful we are all healthy, and I can't ask for much more than that!

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