Friday, July 16, 2010

Speed Bump

How do you like that head full of blonde hair? He's my happy boy.

And yet, more proof, for those who questioned the birthday card...this is just how she smiles these days!

When you have to run errands and get your "to-do list" done with two little children under foot, you plan meticuously. My week was just that...all planned out. Until we hit a few speed bumps. Addie decided to rebel. She's become quite the two-year old terror these days. Hayes got a mysterious fever and now a weird cough. And yes, I slipped on a plate of sliced apples on the deck and broke the brand new camera we just got. (For those that are is the 4th camera I have ruined in 3 years :( I must be cursed.)

So, with a new camera on hand, the little man's fever under control, and my little monster sweetly tucked in at her Mamaw's house, I am hoping for a productive morning. I will be ready for our little birthday party tomorrow...I will.

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Jarah said...

Cute pics! I love his blonde hair!! You guys have fun this weekend! I cannot believe she is already 3!! Can't wait to see you!