Monday, July 19, 2010

Our sick little guy...

Our normally very happy little man has been having a tough few days. He will be participating in a soy challenge at Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters this week, so we had to take him off of his antihistamine last Sunday. He was up to three doses per day before that, so it comes as no surprise that his allergies would flare up uncontrollably about three days after we stopped the medication. The challenge will help us to decide whether or not he can drink soy milk when he no longer has the formula. They will actually feed him soy milk in small quantities and watch his body's reaction there in the hospital. We are very anxious to get this over with. Wednesday will be a tough morning for us. We are expected to be at the hospital from 8:30-3:00. Please say a little prayer for us.

These pictures were taken on Friday, the day he was feeling the worst. I took him to the doctor's office that morning since his fever was so high, and we found out the allergies had led to a double ear infection. Poor little guy. He was just miserable.

Tim and Hayes watch a little ESPN (or was it Blue's Clues) Saturday morning. Hayes was having a hard time keeping his bottles down since he had so much mucous on his little tummy hence the towel draped over the both of them.

He is starting to feel better. I think the antibiotics are helping his ears and the cough seems to be subsiding. The itching is still waking him up at night and seems to really bother him in the afternoons and in the heat. We will pretty much hole up here inside until after the tests on Wednesday. Then we can put him back on his medicine and he will really start to feel better. He is still a happy boy...even with infected ears, a high fever, a tummy ache, and the itchies...I couldn't love him any more!

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livingsj77 said...

Poor baby! I'm thinking about you guys and hoping Wednesday comes quickly and goes smoothly.