Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Addie turns 3!

Addie had a "Princess Party" this weekend. And although I only invited a few close friends and family, it was rather hoppin'! Our house was full and there was tons of delicious food. I believe a good time was had by all. She warmed up rather quickly to all of the "madness" and was off playing with her little friends in no time! This is the cake that Tim and I are obesessed with. She can't even eat it, since it is made with egg, but we still splurge for it anyways. I made Addie some allergen-free cupcakes this year, thanks to Patty!

Despite her funny face, she liked those cupcakes...well, atleast the icing!

It was a HOT day, but we still managed to play outside on her new swingset her Mamaw and Grandpa Dave got for her. He and Daddy and our neighbor spent hours and hours and hours putting that thing together this past week. She LOVES it!

By far, her favorite gift, besides the swing set, Candyland, her vaccum cleaner, some "pwetty clothes" she got, some fun stamps, and her new princess books and movie, was this little princess camping chair her Daddy found for her. She sits in it and watches cartoons now in the morning and asks that I put her water in the little cup holder.

Addie has never really hurt for toys or books or clothes, not only because her grandparents spoil her rotten, but also because I am not picky about yard sale things. Her grandmother and I love to yardsale, and you can get some pretty good deals at those things around here. Needlesstosay, we have lots of toys here in the Hewitt household and dressers full of adorable clothes. And of course, Mamaw's obsession with Baby Gap and Gymboree is fun too! I digress. The aftermath of the party was no different. She was spoiled rotten by friends and family. It took me days to go through everything and put it away. Since we have been stuck in the house with sick Hayes this week, the new puzzles and games and movies have been a huge help. Thanks to our awesome family and friends. Can you believe she is three already?


Jarah said...

The swingset looks great!! I'm glad she had a great time! What a cutie pie! Hope Hayes feels better soon...I'll be thinking about you guys.

The Bryant Family said...

No I can't! Where does time go to Carrie? can we put things on pause for a little bit? Looks like a great birthday party for the little princess! You'll have to give me info. on the swingset, that is what we have been shopping around for for Lucas's b'day present, that looks awesome! Hope you all are doing great and Hayes is feeling better!!!

Emily said...

What lucky girl got so many wonderful gifts and a huge swing set. Happy birthday, little princess.