Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beach Day - Part 1 of our Fourth of July Celebrations

Saturday was Tim's only day off this week, since he is working the holiday to make a little extra money. We decided to go all out and really have some fun together! First activity of the day was a trip to the beach. It was Hayes' first time seeing the sand and water. The weather was beautiful and the water was perfect! I was so thankful to have a camera that day!

Hayes is definitely our little water baby. He loves to splash around and feel the water on his face. We were just happy to see Addie not freak out when the sand got on her feet this time. In the past, we never made it past the boardwalk. She does not like to get sandy! She did spend a little time at the water's edge this trip and even went as far as to hold her Daddy's hand and wade out into the water a few times. Mostly, she enjoyed sitting on the blanket in the shade eating her picnic lunch and watching her Daddy and Hayes. It was a nice trip, despite all of the work it takes to get two little ones packed up, lathered up, diapered up, and happy to have sand and salt water all over their little bodies. It was definitely a day to remember.

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