Friday, November 4, 2011

Cuteness and Eczema

This little boy deals with something many of us will never fully understand. You know that itch that you just can't scratch? Or that time that you got poison ivy? How about when you had chicken pox as a child and soaked for hours in a tub of oatmeal just to feel comfortable for a few minutes straight?

The weather change has been horrible for the little man's skin. He is rashy and itchy for the most part of the day, and he has stopped sleeping through the night too. I have a feeling he wakes himself up itching each night and can usually tell in the morning how rough his night has been by the blood on his little sheets and the red, raw patches behind his ears and on his little fingers. This makes for a tired household and an abnormally grumpy Hayes. Although, I must admit, he is the best cuddler in the world. If I could only figure out a way to sleep while his arms are wrapped tightly around my neck and his little face is pressed against mine...our nightly cuddle sessions would be perfect. Tim volunteers most nights to snuggle with Hayes, and I usually get a little brown hair girl visitor after a nightmare or potty break around 2:00 am. We don't mind :) We saw a new doctor for Hayes and have some new ideas that we are trying to help give him some comfort. Hopefully, he will adjust to the weather and start feeling better here really soon. Please say a little prayer for him!

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