Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Addie's Halloween Parade at School

For Halloween, Addie decided she wanted to be a fairy. We have been watching Tinker Bell over and over here at our house, and I believe she fell in love with the little winged characters. Her mamaw bought her a set of fairy wings and a magic wand, and we found the perfect fairy dress in her dress-up box filled with hand-me-downs from friends. She made a beautiful fairy.

Halloween Day I was a volunteer at Addie's preschool for their little Halloween party. I decided she would like it if I too wore a costume to school that day. They also had a parade for the parents that day at school where the kids all got to show off their costumes. I forgot that I had to attend the parade in full costume before I headed to the party. It was a little embarassing when I walked outside to stand in line for the show and the other parents thought the parade was starting....."No,'s just me...a crazy mommy...all dressed up as Dorothy, complete with sparkly red shoes.." I blushed a little.

Here comes our little fairy...

The party was so much fun! I decorated halloween cookies with the kids, and I even managed to make some cookies that Addie could eat too! The icing and sprinkles were a MESS!

I am so lucky to be able to do things like this with her!

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