Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I will always have many memories of traveling to my grandparents for the holidays and enjoying a good ole' fashioned traditional holiday meal. My Mamaw used to think it was so hilarious how I would make my plate of "favorites" and hide it in the laundry room where it was nice and cold for later. Then when I pulled out my plate with the sweet potoato casserole on it that had long been eaten up, everyone would wonder how I got some? She knew how I did it, and we would both just snicker away! It is still my most favorite meal of all time. Check out this spread...

Addie and her cousins had a great time dancing in the living room while everyone watched them put on a show!

Even Daddy got in on all the action.

I'm glad I get to take my kids down there where so many of my childhood memories were made. It is not the easiest thing to travel with two little ones, and although we were exhausted and a little under the weather when we returned, it sure was worth it to be with my family on this special holiday again. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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Linda said...

I loved all of the Christmas pic's. Thanks for keeping us in the loop...I feel so far away. Love you,
Aunt Linda