Saturday, December 18, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

besides these little people that is....

Oprah has inspired me to think about some of my favorite things here lately. I decided to start snapping some pictures of some of things in my life that I think are pretty cool. Now, it goes without saying that my family tops everything on this list. They are by far my most treasured "things". I decided to gear this list mainly towards luxuries....things that I love to have, but do not necessarily have to have to be happy. Fortunately, I have a very hard working hubby, who loves to spoil us and give us extras every now and then. I also happen to be the only child of a momma who loves to shop and pamper her "little girl" and her grandbabies. goes....some of my favorite no particular order....

My phone. It may not have texting, or a touch screen, but I love it. It keeps me in touch with some very special people, and I would be lost without it.

Yankee Candles. I am addicted to the smells of the season. If its fall, I want Autumn Wreath. If its spring, I want Honeysuckle, and at Christmas, my favorite is either Welcome Christmas, or Mulling Spices (as introduced to me by my friend Shana).

My living room suit. I love my family room. I love lounging on the couch while my babies play in the floor and my husband watches football. To me, the family room is the one room in the house where everyone should feel cozy and welcome. My new living room suit was a special gift for us this year, and I have a feeling it will be a part of many memories for us for many years to come. It rocks!

My Northface coat. I wear this coat every day in the winter. I have never worn a warmer coat. If they made them smaller and a little cheaper for babies, I would have cloaked my infants in them the minute they entered this world. This happens to be the second black Northface that Tim has purchased for me for two of my birthdays. I left my car unlocked one night and the first one was stolen. I am guessing the person must have been pretty cold. Tim knew how much I loved that coat, so a year later, he got me another one. I love him, and I love this coat. I never leave it unattended now.

Countertop cleaner. We recently got new granite countertops in our kitchen. They are so much prettier than the dirty, stained-up cream colored ones we used to have, and I am pretty protective of them. I must wipe down my counter-tops 10 times a day. It's borderline obsessive. I don't feel like my kitchen is clean unless my counter-tops have been wiped down. Apparently you have to use a special cleaner for granite. I found this generic cleaner at our local grocery store for a reasonable price. I love it. I love that it makes my counter-tops sparkle.

My Dyson. If you don't have a Dyson, you need one. Just start saving now. Go to Kohls, open up a credit card and save 20%, and make sure you do it when they are giving out Kohls cash too. Then you can spend the cash later on birthday/Christmas gifts. I LOVE my Dyson. Since my babies are allergic to EVERYTHING, I love this thing. My mom loves hers too. My Memaw, and my step-mom...several of my close friends...they all love theirs too. Get yourself a Dyson.

My floor steamer. Again, I love anything that helps me make my house cleaner and safer for my kids. This thing is AWESOME. My mom bought it for herself, let me use it one time, and then she never saw it again. She gave it to me and got herself another one. See...I told you she spoils me. It makes "mopping" a breeze. It doesn't use/need chemicals to clean your floors. And believe me, it gets them very clean. If it works with a child like Hayes in the house, it works anywhere. If I had just a little more money, I would buy one for everyone on our Christmas list.

Uggs. I love these boots. I especially love how my little girl looks in these boots. Her mamaw and her Daddy got her these boots as an early Christmas gift this year. We bought them a little big, so hopefully we will get two years out of them. She knows she looks adorable. She does not know what Uggs are, and that's just fine with me. It's best that way....he he

My jeans. Thanks to my friend Kristy, I have become addicted to these outrageously priced blue jeans. And thanks to my mom (and Tim one time too!) I have collected four pairs of these babies. I wear them every day. You may have heard me call them "my skinny jeans". They help hide my bad parts and they feel soooooo good. When Tim found out we were having a girl the first time around, he said "Oh no....she's gonna want designer jeans too!) If you haven't tried these jeans on yet, head to Nordstroms and ask for "Hudsons". They will even hem them for free. Yeah....they are that ridiculous!

Tim as a Daddy. I can't brag enough about my hubby and his parenting skills. He is almost always very patient and "fun" as Addie would say. No matter how tired he is, or how late it is and he still needs his shower for the day, he climbs into that little bed of hers each night and reads her a story. I LOVE this.

I absolutely love getting Christmas cards. I stalk the mailman and know the exact hummmm of his little truck as it makes its way around our court this time of year.

My new tree skirt. Tim bought me this tree skirt that I had been eyeing for several years now. I think it will be the perfect thing to pass down to Hayes' family one day when he has a wife and child of his own. I am sappy like that.

My milestone ornaments for the kids. Each year (well, three years now) I have made milestone ornaments for Addie. Hayes got his first milestone ornament this year too. His ornament's described giving up the bottle and almost walking....can you guess what Addie's milestone was this year?

My tree. I have decided to decorate our tree with ornaments tinsel, or garland, or ribbon, although I think those things are very pretty and make a tree look very festive. I want to stuff our tree full of homemade ornaments and sentimental pieces and am saving all the limb space for that sort of thing. Check back in 20 years. I was on a roll this year with homemade decorations for the tree.

Snow. I especially love it when it snows on or near Christmas. It makes me feel even merrier and reminds me of Christmases growing up in West Virginia.
Not pictured: Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte, Tim's Chicken Parmesean Subs, Memaw's homemade biscuits and chocolate cake, Dave's steaks, Hewitt's stuffed mushrooms and homemade donuts, Sweatpants, Grape Sodas, Funnel Cakes, and Snicker bars.
So, there you have it, some of my favorite "things". I am blessed and am grateful for these "luxuries" I do not for a second forget how very lucky I am. I hope everyone gets a chance to have a few of their "favorites" this holiday season.


Lily said...

Cute! I feel very blessed to have you as my friend!! I hope we can get together soon! Right now the Maynor household is down with colds but hopefully we'll be back up before the New Year rolls in!!

The Bryant Family said...

So sweet, you are a wonderful mama, wife, daughter, friend, all around person Carrie! I loved this post- such a cute idea- you never cease to amaze me! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas with your two sweet angels. Love ya!

Donya said...

I love this post!!!