Friday, October 8, 2010

You are not welcome!

Just two days ago she was happy and healthy and ready for a fun-filled weekend of sleepovers and birthday parties and play time with Hayes!

On this particular morning, although you wouldn't know it from the size of her cheesy grin, Addie woke up with a few "spots" on her little legs. I could have sworn it was a heat rash, or even just a skin irritation from her little tu tu she wore the day before. However, as the day went on, it seemed to spread right before our eyes.

And this is what it looked like only 10 hours later....

WHAT? I, of course, freaked out when I saw how much it had spread and how bad it looked. After our horrible battle this summer with strange illnesses, I just knew we had some wierd infectious disease....something else I had vaccinated her for had made its way into our home!! That was not the case, however. After a quick morning trip to the pediatrician, we were informed Addie has a virus. A harmless, fairly normal reaction to a simple virus. It cannot be treated with medication. It does not seem to bother her, and it should make its way OUT in a few days or so.

Addie calls the spots on her body her "boo boos" and is taking the whole thing in stride. She was a little dissappointed that she didn't get to go to school and see Miss Kathy, her music teacher, yeterday, but otherwise she was just as happy to stay home and play with Hayes and I. I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning of the mystery viruses she will pick up while attending preschool this year. I'm just glad it doesn't make her uncomfortable or seem to bother her at all. She has a strong spirit and that sassy attitude of her's is still going strong!

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