Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Ga Ga!

Recently we had a big night out to celebrate Mrs. Hewitt's birthday with the family. A limo and fancy dinner was even involved. The kids were pretty good, considering we rarely attempt a nice dinner out. It ends up being a lot of work and just easier to do take-out or fix something at home. It was a special occasion though, so we loaded up the carseats and headed out to surprise the birthday girl. Addie and Hayes loved the "bus", and of course, Addie enjoyed every second with her cousins.

Ken thought this would make a funny picture....don't worry, he only got a nice whiff of it.....I know better!

Dinner was very good, and everyone ejoyed themselves. There were lots of hands to help with Hayes and I was even able to relax for a little while and chew my food slowly!!! My favorite were the hush puppies, which Addie insisted on shoving in my bag to take back to the limo driver she seemed to take a liking to after he put her Barney Movie in his DVD player!

She looked like a sweet little angel that night....

Ga Ga had a nice time too, and really seemed to like having the whole family together for a good meal. She had a busy, fun weekend ahead of her and didn't even know it at this point in the night!

The limo whisked her and Aunt Net, Sharolyn, and Kristina to an oceanfront room for more birthday celebrations! The rest of us returned home to take care of doggies, and babies...and attend bridal showers and little birthday parties! Whew....this was one busy weekend! Hope GaGa had a great one!

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