Monday, October 11, 2010

Feeling better...

The warm weather is slowly starting to fade away, and we are preparing for a long, cold winter around here. I am anxious for my favorite holidays and time with precious family members I rarely get to see.

Addie is such a big help these days. She is a little momma. Momma to Hayes...Momma to Blue Hair (Olivia #1) Green Hair (Olivia #2) Strawberry Shortcake...and to Dora. She loves to name her babies. And do not think for a second that she does not remember each and every one of these names. They never change. She expects for you to remember them as well.

Snack time with cartoons! They love to eat and watch TV!

Addie is slowly starting to look like herself again. Her little "dots" are fading, and I will even be sending her back to school tomorrow. She is excited to see her "special friends". Although I think she is just tired of hanging out with me every day for the last week. She has mastered the forward roll as of last night and cannot get enough of it. What she doesn't understand is exactly how much space she needs to accomplish said roll. She has been rolling and bumping into things all morning! What a cutie!

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Christen said...

Awww... love that picture of her feeding Hayes! It's so sweet how they get along :)