Monday, October 25, 2010

My Birthday

I faced my 32nd birthday with much less dread than the two before it. I've decided to not ignore the fact that I am getting older, but instead "grow old gracefully". I'm right where I have always wanted to be when I turned this age, so there is no reason to feel regretful or fearful of gaining another year. This particular birthday fell on a Saturday. I got to spend the whole day with Tim and the kids...all of us together. We had a nice lunch out and then headed to a small, little make-shift pumpkin patch to find our pumpkins since Addie seemed to be a little under the weather.

I was shocked that she went down this slide by herself. She was very brave, and she loved having us watch her do it over and over again.

They both enjoyed the bouncey things they have there for the kids. Hayes even had one just his size. He is just the cutest little guy. Do we have a little linebacker on our hands or what?

He just enjoys playing with Addie so much, so when I put him in the big bounce house with her, he was all grins!

This was taken just before Addie decided to throw up in the wagon as we walked around the little pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin. Hayes was in the wagon too. You of those little red ones where they face each other. was quite lovely. You all know my fear of bodily fluids....well, my fear of vomit. I must say... I handled it better than in the past. Tim was with me and that makes a world of difference when it comes to my panic level. We pulled them out of there and to the car as fast as possible, where Tim proceeded to undress Addie and clean up the mess. I returned to the patch to find our pumpkin. Thank you Tim! was my birthday. And despite our little "episode" at the pumpkin patch, I soaked up the day with my little family and enjoyed every minute of it. We took Miss Addie to the doctor after that, and she tested positive for strep, so perhaps the bouncing and a spike in her fever helped create an upset tummy that day. She is almost finished with her antibiotics now and is feeling much better. After our bout with whooping cough....strep is a breeze!

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